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Synonyms for surety

Synonyms for surety

the fact or condition of being without doubt

an assumption of responsibility, as one given by a manufacturer, for the quality, worth, or durability of a product

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

Synonyms for surety

something clearly established

property that your creditor can claim in case you default on your obligation

a prisoner who is held by one party to insure that another party will meet specified terms


Related Words

one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another

a guarantee that an obligation will be met

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170 charitable contribution deductions and the use of an exempt entity as an accommodation party in a transaction that will shift tax benefits.
2000-37 provides a safe harbor for certain "parking" arrangements, in which an accommodation party acquires and holds title to the replacement property until the taxpayer can arrange the sale of the relinquished property.
Parking transactions involve an accommodation party that holds property in an exchange so that a taxpayer does not concurrently own both the relinquished and replacement exchange properties.
In Letter Ruling (TAM) 200039005,(16) a taxpayer structured a deferred exchange using an accommodation party.
The IRS treated the taxpayer's payments under the swap as servicing the debt, and treated the swap counter-party as merely an accommodation party.