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2 319 children were accommodated there, of them 1 278 of were boys and 1 041 a girls.
As with post conditional offer disability-related inquiries, if medical examinations given at this stage reveal a disability and result in the offer being withdrawn, employers must be prepared to defend their decision because it does not discriminate against the disabled, or the disability could not be accommodated, or because the criteria upon which the decision was based is job-related and a matter of business necessity, or because the offeree poses a direct threat to health or safety.
Many charter schools have waiting lists of up to thousands of students that cannot be accommodated due to ongoing facilities constraints.
We will continue to work with our client to ensure that her religious beliefs are accommodated and monitor the ongoing employment status very closely to make sure she is not discriminated against in the workplace.
A variety of other battery configurations from multiple suppliers may be accommodated allowing the battery autonomy to be tailored for the specific site load requirements.
By simply duplicating the existing dedicated lines, additional capacity can easily be accommodated.
BART has begun a program that will double the number of bicycles that can be accommodated at BART stations.
This case centers on the rights of our client to hold religious beliefs and have those beliefs accommodated by her employer," said Frank Manion, senior regional counsel of the ACLJ who is representing the nurse.
Witness Systems specified several important criteria for its new corporate headquarters that were easily accommodated at Colonial Center 300.