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  • verb

Synonyms for acclimatize

adapt to


  • adapt to
  • get used to
  • adjust to
  • habituate to
  • naturalize to
  • become seasoned to

Synonyms for acclimatize

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

Synonyms for acclimatize

get used to a certain climate

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ARSENAL striker Thierry Henry has revealed how his team-mates adopted a ``cruel to be kind'' approach to acclimatising him to English football - by kicking him in training.
Others are acclimatising in cages over several days.
The ordeal was aimed at acclimatising him to the harsh conditions he will encounter when he takes part in the Ice-Warrior expeditions to the North Pole in March.
THE nights are drawing in, so you'd better start acclimatising yourself and your car to some very different driving conditions.
Burke has been in the northern Port for the past three days acclimatising and goes head-to-head withZoff at tonight's weigh-in.
acclimatising when arriving in Newmarket, he might still be market leader.
There's no chance of acclimatising at the height of a Scottish summer, never mind winter.
In the circumstances, given the poor quality of players inherited by Rafa from Houllier, the loss of Owen and the acclimatising any foreign coach has to make in a new surroundings, Rafa has done incredibly well to have us challenging for fourth spot at this stage of the season and to get us to the quarter-finals of the Champions League Al March (via e-mail
After a few days exploring and acclimatising to the "boiling hot" weather, she said: "I have been warned these children will probably break my heart, as most of them have been abused or neglected, so it's going to be tough.
And he will spend a month in the French Alps acclimatising at heights of 16,000 feet.