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Synonyms for acclimation

adjustment to a changing environment

Synonyms for acclimation

adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment)

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Proteomic analyses reveal differences in cold acclimation mechanisms in freezing-tolerant and freezing-sensitive cultivars of alfalfa.
Evolution of a multifunctional gene: The warm temperature acclimation protein Wap65 in the European seabass Dicentrarchus labrax.
In addition to these issues, others must be considered: (i) the successful rearing of healthy bivalves under laboratory conditions is influenced by many stressors (such as collection, transport and maintenance procedures); (ii) the physiological effects of transport and the determination of acclimation time under laboratory conditions is not well known for freshwater bivalves, including the golden mussel; (iii) the acclimation of animals (e.
In spite of this, studies have shown that expression changes indeed occur during cold acclimation in plants (Guy, 1990).
In a professional field sport setting, implementing a time efficient heat acclimation program during the competitive season that is effective is particularly challenging (Chalmers et al.
maximiliani populations from three climatically diverse regions in central North America (Texas, Kansas and Manitoba) differ in their tolerance to freezing temperatures and whether effects of cold acclimation treatment differentially impacts freezing tolerance among these groups.
Conversely, if compliance is poor during the initial period of acclimation, the likelihood of long-term compliance decreases dramatically.
The aim of the present study was to develop protocols for long-term physical training (swimming) in Wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus) and to compare cardiovascular acclimation to this training below (low intensity), at (moderate intensity), and above (intermittent high intensity) MLSS intensity.
Physical fitness, especially aerobic fitness, confers some of the same physiological benefits as heat acclimation.
Overall, our results indicated that acclimation to recurring stress of emersion did not significantly impact growth rates or survival of either mussel species, either before or after being exposed to three days of extreme high temperatures (32[degrees]C).
She discusses recognizing the Salt Lake Community College Community Writing Center, evolving a discourse ecology: a rhetoric of respect, transforming energy in pursuit of uncertainty, shifting relations and transforming expectations, and engaging place: acclimation and disruption.
He described their acclimation "fun" despite coming from quite diverse musical backgrounds.
Google gives them tools and mentors for business training in terms of marketing goals and business orientation, in a bid to make things easier and save time in business acclimation.