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  • verb

Synonyms for acclimate

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

Synonyms for acclimate

get used to a certain climate

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An ability to acclimate to temperature change has been widely reported (Schulte 1975, Widdows et al.
Scientists have long known about some of the ways that people acclimate to hypoxic conditions as they spend more time at high altitudes.
She advises dance hopefuls to take African, hip-hop and belly dancing classes to help them acclimate to what she described as her "sexy hip-hop style.
Breeding potential for improvement of freezing stress resistance: Genetic separation of freezing tolerance, freezing avoidance, and capacity to cold acclimate.
The series includes the 640 Fire Alarm Control Panel, ACPS Addressable Power Supply, XPIQ multichannel audio transponder, RFX wireless detection systems, and Acclimate Plus detector, as well as the existing VIEW and HARSH detectors.
However, the osmoregulatory mechanisms that allow zebra mussel gametes and larvae to tolerate extremely dilute conditions and to acclimate (as shown here) to brackish-water conditions are unknown.
18 building challenges with clear, step-by-step instructions help acclimate users to the new system to create robots ranging from humanoids and machinery to animals and vehicles
Quest Software provides two user communities designed to support Quest solutions for MySQL and to help acclimate MySQL users to the platform.