accidental injury

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an accident that results in physical damage or hurt

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And when you're dealing with accidental injury to a child, the old saying about an ounce of prevention rings particularly true.
The differential diagnosis includes osteogenesis imperfecta, metabolic disorders and accidental injury.
Consultant ophthalmic pathologist Dr Richard Bomsheck told a jury: "For this to have been caused by accidental injury it would have to be severe and in the order of a head-on car crash.
The top 3 causes of child mortality from accidental injury are drowning, road traffic accidents and burns.
Upon the reporting of a workers' compensation claim, the claims specialist must obtain sufficient information to determine correctly whether proper insurance coverage existed for an employer at the time of an alleged employee's accidental injury, whether there existed an employer-employee relationship at the time of the alleged accidental injury, whether the claimed accidental injury itself is compensable, whether the claimed accidental injury occurred in the course and scope of employment, and whether the claimed accidental injury was and remains the legal and medical cause of the benefits claimed.
Government figures show children from poorer backgrounds, and especially the underfives, are at higher risk of accidental injury.
What is remarkable is there is no difference in terms of accidental injury in the older age group," she added.
1999) investigated the relationship between social disadvantage and accidental injury rates in preschool children using a multi-level modelling (statistical) approach in order to distinguish effects operating at the level of the individual from those operating at the level of the neighbourhood (Goldstein 1995, cited in Reading et al.
Asked about the skull fractures, he said: "They would not be consistent with an accidental injury.
Provides coverage for accidental injury, disability and related health expenses.
Researchers found that, between 1979 and 1983, the accidental injury death rate was three and a half times higher for poor children compared to affluent.
Skaters are encouraged to take out extra accidental injury insurance before participating.
The court noted that although an accidental injury must arise from "unusual environmental conditions or events assignable to something extraordinary," case law makes it clear that "[a]n accidental injury need not result suddenly or from the immediate application of some external force but may accrue gradually over a reasonably definite period of time.
Ever since CPSC revised its children's clothing flammability standard, there have been outcries that children are not being protected from accidental injury caused by fire.