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having more than the average number of accidents

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by first targeting the most precious, yet accident-prone segment of the community ie children and young students.
The General Department of Traffic has deployed controllers to supervise traffic, especially in accident-prone roads, and intensifed highway patrols.
It will also provide information on accident-prone areas and water-logged areas.
Corden tugs heartstrings as the overweight, accident-prone, opera obsessive.
By the end of 2013, road signs were restored on the roads of Bishkek-Osh, Bishkek-Naryn-Torugart, Chaldovar-Bishkek-Kemin; pavements of 7 accident-prone areas were rehabilitated; more than 518 road signs for 1 million somwere installed.
The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society attempts to put on a 1920s murder mystery but, as the title suggests, everything that can go wrong does, as the accident-prone thesps battle on against all the odds to get to their final curtain call.
This is a residential area and more importantly, there is a highly accident-prone curve along the road.
The wife of Education Secretary Michael Gove has revealed his accident-prone efforts as a dad.
Depressed workers exhibit low mood, have difficulty concentrating, are accident-prone and have limited ability to perform mental or interpersonal tasks, the May/June Clinical Nurse Specialist reports.
The accident-prone (at least in her dramas this season) starlet was eating at a restaurant when she had to be admitted to hospital.
Who was the accident-prone Frenchman in Jacques Tati's film Mon Oncle?
Oliver discusses his accident-prone childhood and some of the good times he had growing up.
He said the cost of traffic casualties is so high in China that accident-prone people should at least be barred from driving commercially.
There probably isn't much to choose between these two Hertfordshire pals and rivals, two men who look supreme on the floor but accident-prone on the stage.
In which radio comedy series did Leslie Phillips play an accident-prone naval officer aboard HMS Troutbridge?