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In rare instances, the SI is different due to differing amounts of the red and white pulp in the accessory spleen.
Enlarged accessory spleen presenting stomach submucosal tumor.
Ectopic splenic tissue can be found in the body as two distinct forms: accessory spleens and splenosis.
4-6) In view of these considerations, the initial diagnosis of an accessory spleen in the pancreatic tail could therefore have been ruled out in patient 2, and the presence of a neuroendocrine tumor considered.
5-cm lesion was incidentally identified on computed tomographic scan in the region between the pancreatic tail, left kidney, and spleen, with a small entrapped accessory spleen (Figure 1).
The differential diagnoses for pancreatic arteriovenous malformation are neuroendocrine tumors, hypervascular metastases, and intrapancreatic accessory spleen.
I'm not a surgeon, but [I know that] there are some people who do have accessory spleens, and it is conceivable that you might have to take out a second spleen," he said.
Present in approximately 10% of the population, accessory spleens arise from the fusion failure of the splenic anlage and reside in close proximity to the splenocolic and gastrosplenic ligaments.
Accessory spleens should be removed because they may be a source of disease recurrence.
Two accessory spleens found at the time of exploration were removed as well.