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45) The new accessorial liability provision was much broader than accessorial liability provided for by the WR Act and preceding federal labour legislation, which was only available in relation to breaches of the Act where 'conduct' was an element of the breach.
The international and natural scholars used concepts of duty to ground their theories of accessorial liability.
It compares favorably with commercial carriers' rate hikes, which, although they have been relatively modest, have tacked on so much in surcharges and accessorial costs that the "real" fee the shipper pays is far higher.
This article focuses on accessorial liability under statute, in equity and in criminal law.
Spot Bid Electronic System: submitted bids reflect all expenses (line haul, accessorial, protective services, or added charges)
SAA then initiates a review of the case by looking for any abnormal financial conditions and verifying the administrative/ accessorial costs.
Use tools to compare planned costs versus actual, including accessorial charges, detention, and continuously audit those special services which may or may not have been requested.
This time, we booked it using a price-by-load method, with a list of charges for accessorial services, like forklifts, portable ramps, etc.
The principal objectives, therefore, are to avoid secret liability limitations; "undercharge" claims and suits by defunct carriers, their bankruptcy trustees and auditors; and additional charges for accessorial services not previously known or agreed to.
The rate adjustment takes effect on July 16, 2012, and applies to minimum charge, LTL rates and accessorial charges.
The new base rates, rules tariff and accessorial charges for FedEx Freight will be available at fedex.
Transportation Related Services / Accessories: The following accessorial services must be ordered at the time of the original request:
This article discusses how supply chain managers can approach the task, focusing especially on six near-term opportunities: Strategically sourcing freight; strategically sourcing accessorial charges; conducting freight payment audits; optimizing truckload shipments; increasing cube utilization; and increasing collaborative planning and forecasting.
The industry is especially pleased to note MTMC's cooperation in shaping FSMP, support for extending the increase in accessorial services to pickup and delivery rates on SIT shipments, the adoption of an automatic fuel surcharge mechanism and continuing efforts to increase funding which would allow the adoption of commercial pricing.