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Synonyms for acceptive

inclined to accept rather than reject


accepting willingly


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Supposedly, religion should console, inspire, promote the good life, and aid in making tragic personal events acceptive, if not understood.
Symptomatically, too, we ascribe excessive weight to the intellectual weeklies and literary supplements of the eastern establishment, impelled as they often are by ideological presuppositions and by being conversant with and acceptive of the opinions, tastes, and tactics of an idolatrous Zeitgeist.
Personally I am acceptive of the fact that we now live in a continuous surveillance spotlight.
Conversely, it is possible that students who enroll in nonscientific majors would be less likely to evaluate particular paranormal events as critically and stringently because of their being more acceptive of alternative ideas.
They argued that, at best, all we could do was be acceptive of our fate.