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A review of research studies on treatment acceptability has revealed a consistent pattern of results.
Other scholars that use the term acceptability are Neubert and Shreve (1992) in their Translation as Text.
The acceptability of effective bowel cleansing products is critical for patients to ensure quality colonoscopy and avoid the need for repeat procedures.
The survey questionnaire was constructed based on previous survey research on HIV vaccine acceptability among ethnic minority adults in Los Angeles (5) and formative qualitative research conducted with Black women from African and Caribbean communities that explored knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about HIV prevention and future HIV vaccines.
BRT used to manage GAD was then described followed by written instructions to complete the acceptability ratings questionnaire.
The acceptability trial was conducted in the HIV clinic of the Nyamagana District Hospital, Mwanza region, Tanzania from July to August 2011.
To measure perceived acceptability, respondents rated the acceptability of MI and of CM using a seven-point Likert-type scale.
They did have higher acceptability scores than the hot sauce-only marinade and the control.
Conducted a Phase I investigation examining the feasibility and acceptability of a complementary and alternative medicine package combining acupuncture and hypnosis for chronic pediatric pain.
UNAIDS has estimated global HIV vaccine uptake at only 19 percent among the 8 percent of 15-49-year-olds at high risk for HIV infection--due to challenges around availability, access, and acceptability (Esparza et al.
The third updated edition of GARNER'S MODERN AMERICAN USAGE offers a new feature: a "Language-Change Index" which registers where each disputed usage in modern English falls into a range from non-acceptability to acceptability.
Several studies have focused on the relationship between acceptability of dating violence and sports participation (e.
Future studies need to stop assessing acceptability and start looking at effective implementation of programmes which reach a large number number of women and men, looking at cost of different condoms, distribution models and female condom re-use.
The endpoints will focus on assessments of pain intensity and pain relief at several time points up to 60 minutes post treatment and will provide data on the acceptability and safety of Nasalfent.
The findings show that recycled PET (rPET) can meet the technical, commercial and safety requirements of the retail sector and also score highly in customer acceptability.