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His clear blue eyes under the dark brows and framed by the dark lashes, seemed a deeper blue, and accentuated the blondness of hair and skin.
The disdainful pout of Comrade Ossipon's thick lips accentuated the negro type of his face.
His air of weary indifference was accentuated, I could not help thinking, wilfully.
The turmoil of political history, Scotland's previous time as an English province, and the revived fervor of Calvinist religion in the Scottish Church accentuated the internal conflict.
Due to the nature of the collection--a private collection of twentieth-century and contemporary art, mostly paintings--the interiors, it is claimed, will have an almost domestic quality in contrast to the building's more civic exterior; a simple elongated form with an accentuated 'head' that marks the corner of Theresien and Turkenstrasse.
As a result, today's homeowner is coordinating lamps and fixtures by room to create a vignette that is accentuated by lighting.
But their brevity accentuated variety rather than depth and development, and a full understanding of a dance's meaning was often lost in the editing.
It also means more rapid and accentuated shifts between market sectors and regional markets, as indeed is the case.
Gosham's narration is nicely accentuated and realistic.
His data on these matters are accentuated here by dozens of Rasmussen's microphotographs 1 snowflakes.
Hinchman introduced Jones, a former CFO of Citibank, who outlined the IASB's goal of being a global standard-setter and explained that recent unfortunate events have accentuated the need for improving global accounting standards.
Bob Van Steenburgh, Vice President of Marketing at Zeevo accentuated the importance of time-to-market by stating that, "By passing the strict quality and test suite contained in the Designed for Windows XP logo program, Zeevo's single-chip Bluetooth gives our customers assurance that their products will swiftly flow through the Designed for Windows XP qualification process.
Terracotta blusher accentuated Adele's bone structure, and the lips were glossed with a clear, bronze pink.
In addition, use the lowest resin possible, as resin inefficiencies will be accentuated.
The multiple layers of Isegawa's narrative are achieved, and further accentuated, by the careful manner in which he handles the language, shaping gritty images and effective dialogue that blow life into a mundane space.