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Brother and sister Graeme and Fiona Fraser-Bell pitched their party game, Accentuate in Dragon's Den, and below, Dragon Peter Jones
The drill accentuates the importance of playing team defense.
One way to accentuate the difference in sand flowability is to lower the blow pressure in 10-psi increments, make cores and then weigh them at each blow pressure.
Our new identity is the culmination of 12 years of evolution as a staffing agency serving the Triangle area," explains Cindy Smith Waite, president of Accentuate Staffing.
June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- TimeRack Incorporated, a leading provider of time and attendance web-based software, specially designed to meet the multi-location and tracking challenges of staffing agencies, announced today that Raleigh, NC based Accentuate Staffing has selected the TimeRack Staffing software as a service solution to support its everyday operations and its long-term growth plans.
Curran focused on the interplay of movement and music, so Nolan had to make his costumes accentuate that, and avoid impeding the lifts.
Accentuate your special domain with the following patio and lawn accessories:
Originally only the decorative elements of the dome were gilded, with the background panels left as exposed lead-coated copper to accentuate the gold leaf.
Third, positive feedback loops in an economy may accentuate the influence of random shocks and starting conditions, For example, asset price changes often influence future expectations of similar change and can lead market prices to over or under-shoot -- and in cases of weak countervailing forces, lead to bubbles in asset prices.
This, in turn, will cause the terrain to absorb more solar radiation, which will accentuate any increase in global temperature, Meehl explains.
In many instances, machines can target and accentuate muscles more efficiently than free weights can.
Bao clearly anthropomorphizes these machines, or, rather, he manages to accentuate the tendencies already inherent in having cars obliquely echo humans.
High-Profile Losses Accentuate the Need for Arcot Strong Authentication to Combat Identity Hijacking
The company said its has reached agreements with Accentuate Ltd.
You can also incorporate decorative light techniques by casting light upward to accentuate a large indoor plant or to draw attention to a stone fireplace or fabric wall-covering.