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(of verse) having a metric system based on stress rather than syllables or quantity

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A familiarity with the rhythmic and accentual flow of ancient Greek oratory is a crucial component of authentic performance throughout this score.
Despite his willingness to play with verse forms imported from other languages, he scorned the accentual hexameter line conceived as a translation into English of the Greek dactylic hexameter.
Failure to identify accentual distributional patterns will result in the misdecoding of strong and/or weak forms, as well as producing erroneous juncture identification.
However one lineates or punctuates the poem, the accentual qualities of the lines in question aren't nearly as important as their syllabic qualities.
This designer excels at shapely dresses that accentual the body in a flattening way yet not hugging it tightly.
Forms that can neither be called purely accentual nor purely quantitative will be called combined forms (M.
Their topics include prosodic allomorphs in the Estonian declension system, the nature of perceptual differences between accentual peaks and plateaux, late pitch accents in hat and dip intonation patterns, meter-specific timing and pronunciation in German poetry and prose, and anticipatory effects of intonation.
These distinctions are principally based on a difference between national languages that is found in their structure: in prosody (the relationships of accents and syllables in accentual and syllable-counting verse).
This is distinguished from accentual shift in that the latter is a type of metric displacement that maintains an underlying meter but uses groupings that may shift the perception of the metrical downbeat, whereas metrical conflict implies metrical groupings that are distinct from the underlying meter.
Espaillat's seven-line stanzas of accentual trimeter and tetrameter with some variations are unified by a refrain, "Past the boundaries of knowing," that encapsulates the theme of the poem and ties it to the substance of each individual stanza.
My first class with Charles Wright was a forms seminar in which I learned to hear the difference between a metrical line and an accentual one.
The tones are aligned in certain ways against the segmental string, for instance in Northern and Southern German, the alignment of H in prenuclear rises is at the onset of the poststress vowel (Atterer and Ladd 2004), or in Persian, the L is aligned with the consonant preceding the stressed vowel of the Accentual Phrase (Sadat Tehrani 2009).
Hardly anyone could understand the functions of intonation such as attitudinal, accentual, grammatical and discourse.
It is accentual rather than accentual-syllabic, though there is quite a bit of not necessarily inadvertent iambic pentameter in most of them.
Around 1920, Jeffers began to develop a distinct prosody based on accentual meter and abandoned the metrical forms he had previously emulated.