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(of verse) having a metric system based on stress rather than syllables or quantity

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We can see that the accentual and quantitative structures are in strong correlation in trochaic fragments sampled from prose.
But the canonical rhyme forms in these languages are by and large masculine or feminine respectively, in a way that corresponds perfectly to the prevailing accentual forms of the language.
Jun, Sun-Ah 1998 'The accentual phrase in the Korean prosodic hierarchy', Phonology 15(2):189-226.
He took the invention of Marianne Moore's syllabic stanza and imposed upon that flat grid the stress-metric of Ransom, Frost, and every other wizard of accentual verse and rhyme back to Alexander Pope and John Donne.
I propose a solution which relies more on regularity in the number of syllables than on the accentual patterns: "La fiesta habia empezado de verdad.
Such pattern of distribution of Vernerian alternants emerged as a result of the accentual conditions characteristic of Proto-Germanic, whereby forms of the infinitive and preterite singular displayed root accentuation, whereas forms of the preterite plural, past participle and subjunctive preterite received suffixal accent.
Dick story, as so many modern SF movies have been) may lie in Quaid's alter ego's name, Hauser, which is much more fitting in terms of national and accentual connotations for the character(s) as portrayed by Schwarzenegger.
86) This desire for elegance sometimes included the use of the cursus, a practice of ending sentences and clauses in certain accentual rhythms.
Throughout his career, as this volume shows, Harper used this "draftsmanlike" precision--achieved in crisp accentual lines, challenging syntax, bold imagery, and complex associations--to reinfor ce the difficulty of the brutal honesty and enduring compassion upon which he has based his ideal of artistic integrity.
As Coleridge in his own verse extends and varies the lengths of syllables, feeling them out in his voice and ear as they reproduce feeling, so in Donne's verse he recognizes variable time, the answer that accentual English verse makes to classical quantity.
There were new accentual meters being used, both beside, and in place of the clas sical Bardic meters.
He is very much at home in writing formal poems, especially in iambic trimeters; the longest poem in the collection, "The Farm" (and the only one to have a title), is done in this meter, not always easy to bring off in a strongly accentual language.
David Robey attempts a systematic representation of the accentual rhythm of Dante's verse in "Rhythm and Metre in the Divine Comedy" (100-16).
The relationships we have recently established are an accentual part of Amelots success" stated Aziz Hirji, President of Amelot Holdings.
McGann also observes that Rossetti rejected literal translations in favor of fidelity in a broader sense and advocated a "transparency of style," by which he means the evocation of prior syllabic metrical patterns beneath their accentual English counterparts.