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a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

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Chapter Three Linear Accelerator Development Environmental Analysis 19 3.
The newly achieved electron pulses, which last only tens of femtoseconds, pack energy up to 1,000 times as densely as did electron packets produced by wakefield accelerators of the past, Katsouleas notes.
from experiment G to O was intended to study the role of TEBA and then compare its synergistic activity with other accelerators.
The JVXtreme accelerator speeds the actual execution of Java by implementing 87 of the most commonly used Java byte codes in hardware.
Accelerators used in work so far are also shown in table 1.
For one, these tumors are more accessible to the fixed beams emanating from existing accelerators.
The Innovation Accelerator is a tremendous showcase for the creativity, energy and potential of today's young people to use technology in the service of human needs," said Sinclair Stockman, chief science officer at BT.
The Expand Accelerators deliver multiple, scalable optimization services as part of the C2OTM terminal equipment design.
Working with SLAC researchers, Pavilion will deploy accurate and computationally efficient control models based on real accelerator data and available first-principles information in three important applications at SLAC.
The prepared compounds (aldehyde phenyl hydrazones and benzophenoneamine condensation products) were used in combination with MBT as a binary accelerator system.
The collider, located at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centers (SLAC) at Stanford University, consists of two main parts: a 22-year-old, extensively modified, 2-mile-long linear accelerator and a newly built section, resembling a pair of pincers at the end of a long, thin handle, carrying electrons and positrons along opposing arcs to the collision point (see diagram).
NASDAQ:IDTI), a leading provider of vital semiconductor solutions, today announced its application-optimized network search accelerator is being used by Xelerated on its reference boards to demonstrate advanced, wirespeed metro Ethernet and enterprise applications.
Physicists who want to study the way quarks behave inside the nucleus are waiting for the construction of a powerful yet precise new electron accelerator in Newport News, Va.
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