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tending to increase velocity


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Exploring the dynamic relationship between Accelerative Intergrated Method (AIM) and the core French teachers who use it: Why agency and experience matter.
VAUXHALL'S Maloo LSA pick-up might be the most powerful and most accelerative commercial vehicle on sale in the UK, but that doesn't mean it can't take care of one of its ancestors.
are the accelerative terms of model (1) and (2) separately, which naturally can be used to forecast the system's next step dynamics.
Comparing the Use of Dynamic Response Index (DRI) and Lumbar Load as Relevant Spinal Injury Metrics," ARL Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Human and Surrogate Response to Accelerative Loading, Aberdeen, MD, 7-9 Jan 2014, DTIC Report # AD A591409.
The accelerative effect of honey in the wound, ulcer and skin burn healing process is related to its physical properties of hygroscopicity, hypertonicity, lower pH, and complex chemical composition.
The individual teaching context is necessary as Reading Recovery teachers make moment-by-moment decisions, based on their close observations of students' behaviours, to inform their teaching and foster accelerative learning (Clay, 2005).
accelerate (1525); 1: accelerating (1591); 2: acceleration (1531); 3: accelerater (1611; -er, 1611; -ant, 1909; -or, 1841); 5: accelerative (1751; -ive, 1751; -ant, 1909); 6: accelerating (1829); 7: accelerable (1900); 8: accelerated (1803); 15: acceleratedly (1751); 17: acceleration (1534).
From figure, with change of accelerative growth parameter [theta], the whole network shows different degree distribution by adjusting parameter [[alpha].
accelerative opportunities in their talent domains.
We live in a maze or what I call an "architecture of assumptions" We build assumption upon assumption upon assumption, and we wind up with abstract notions like "productivity" that become obsolete as accelerative change undermines them.
Some accelerometers contain microscopic crystal structures that get stressed by accelerative forces use the piezoelectric effect.
Therefor this can be an indication that autologous blood-derived growth factors have accelerative role in allograft material absorption and its transformation to bone.
Today history is even more accelerative, and it is likely that the Third Wave will sweep across history and complete itself in a few decades.
Accelerative of tibial fracture-healing by non-invasive low-intensity pulsed ultrasound.
In literature devoted to changes in secular and accelerative growth in the Swietokrzyskie Region, there is a complete lack of research into changes in the biological development of newborns.
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