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Synonyms for acceleration

Synonyms for acceleration

the act of accelerating

(physics) a rate of increase of velocity

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The concept of acceleration is old, its proponents point out that American luminaries including Martin Luther King Jr.
The AppFlow technology provides the acceleration needed for applications that cannot benefit from TCP acceleration until their own protocol limitations are removed.
This will allow you to drive the hammer through the low point, increasing your angular acceleration.
So far, those investigations have demonstrated equal acceleration of the bodies to a precision of 13 decimal places.
Figure 7 shows the relationship of displacement and acceleration as a function of frequency for several constant acceleration inputs.
A prerequisite to the recovery of acceleration damages is a finding by the court that the owner, or in some instances, the general contractor or construction manager, order directly or indirectly the contractor or subcontractor to accelerate.
However, according to the statement, that agreement shouldn't be cancelable by the lender because of a subjective acceleration clause.
Sanyo Electric recognizes inSilicon's pioneering technology leadership in IP-based Java acceleration," said Akira Shirakawa, Senior Manager, System LSI Division of Sanyo Electronics.
He suggests researchers can cut the time it takes to spot an acceleration by learning what causes the long-term fluctuations in sea level.
Effective acceleration (EA) can best be described as an acceleration system that elevates the level of acceleration to one that is effective at overcoming deficiencies typical in silica filled rubber formulations.
Different types and amounts of academic acceleration were encouraged for each youngster, and about half of them accepted expedited regimens.