accede to

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  • verb

Synonyms for accede to

agree to


  • agree to
  • accept
  • grant
  • endorse
  • consent to
  • give in to
  • surrender to
  • yield to
  • concede to
  • acquiesce in
  • assent to
  • comply with
  • concur to


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On September 15, 1947, Nawab of Junagadh opted to accede to Pakistan and signed the letter of accession.
UNHCR encourages governments that have pledged to accede to accelerate their efforts to finalize accession, and we urge all States that have yet to do so to bring their nationality laws into line with these conventions.
Concurrently, the AfDB is seeing to it that the Gulf countries grant their guarantee to Tunisia to help it accede to the Bank's loans, according to Trifa, "it is the first time with countries as Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates which have already agreed to the proposition in principle, but demand in exchange, that this operation will be based on the win-win principle, requiring that Tunisia offers advantages to their investors.
KIGALI (TAP special envoy Samia Boukhatem) - "Tunisia could once more accede to the African Development Bank (AfDB)'s loans by the end of 2014," Adviser to AfDB Morocco-Tunisia-Togo Office Lotfi Trifa said to TAP news agency, on the occasion of the AfDB Group's 49th Annual Meeting organised, May 19-23 in Kigali, Rwanda.
9 (Petra) - The Arab Group at the United Nations stressed the importance of Israel to accede to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
Bulgaria and Moldova have become the latest states to accede to the international conventions on statelessness, the United Nations Refugee Agency UNHCR announced.
Turkey will also likely accede to the treaty later this year.
Estonia also has yet to accede to one of the protocols.
The European Commission sent a reasoned opinion to the Czech Republic on 31 January for its failure to accede to the 1977 agreement between Euratom, its non-nuclear weapon member states and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regarding the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (78/164/Euratom).
Her only motive was a sense of duty, for as a wife she believed herself bound to accede to her husband's wishes.
Foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Thursday welcomed France's willingness to accede to ASEAN's nonaggression pact known as the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.
The council has spoken clearly with this 13-2 vote, and I'm going to accede to the will of the council.
The bank's statement comes after the accession to the treaty by Malaysia, as Malaysia became the required eighth country to ratify or accede to the treaty and the related aircraft protocol.
The second volume in Beaties' superbly written "The Army Of The Potomac" series, The Army Of The Potomac: McClellan Takes Command, September 1861-February 1862 cogently addresses such issues as why McClellan deserves a great deal more credit than his is traditionally accorded for building the Union army; how McClellan tried to improve his communication difficulties and accede to the wishes of President Lincoln; why the inter of 1861-1862 (the worst in forty years) and his nearly lethal case of typhoid fever had such a profound impact on McClellan's actions.
As one of the 40 designers/researchers included in the book, Rachel Strickland, writes, "As designers operating in corporate culture, we are bound in our education and practice to accede to the tenets of capitalism.