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any of several mites of the order Acarina

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After Acari and Araneida data were removed, relative species richness and abundance were recalculated to make all the data sets comparable.
They exhibit early parental care with maternal (and in opilionids paternal) defense of eggs, as well as a brief association of newly emerged young (first and rarely second instar) with their mother prior to independent foraging and explosive dispersal from the natal nest (Table 1: Uropygi (Thelyphonida), Amblypygi, Schizomida, some Araneae, Pseudoscorpiones, Scorpiones, Acari, Solfugae, Opiliones).
Seventy-five percent of the ore processed at the Acari plant is purchased from outside sources: the other 25 percent is development ore from the Acari property.
Qn a collection of Acari from Kilimanjaro (Tanganyika).
Regarding potential prey, Acari and Amphipoda (Orchestia gammarella) densities were significantly lower in invaded areas, leading to a decrease in total pedofauna at these stations (Table 4).
More specifically, the company will invest the proceeds over the next two years to complete a feasibility study on the Siscoe property and to develop proven reserves on the Acari property.
The proceeds from the offering will be used to finance exploration and development work on Dynacor's two major mining properties: Acari in Peru, and Siscoe in Quebec.
In terms of terrestrial arthropods, genus has been shown to be a suitable surrogate for species richness in Australian ant fauna (Andersen 1995), whereas family richness was used as a replacement measure for species richness in Hungarian coleopteran, dipteran and acari assemblages (Baldi 2003).
The Monte Rivera claim covers the section of the Acari River located between claims 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the Acari property, as well as the northeast extension of Claim 1.
The unravelling of the Unionicola systematic puzzle may play a formidable role in further developing the mechanisms by which vicariance biogeography and phyletic analysis can be used to explain the evolutionary history of not only this group but also other aquatic Acari.
Dynacor Mines is completing a substantial cartography and sampling program at its Peruvian Acari property.
Dynacor Mines has just started gold production at the mill of its Acari mine in Peru.
Dynacor Mines plans to begin production at its Acari mine in Peru next month.
Mines Dynacor confirmed that the Carnero and Principale veins on its Acari property in Peru have high levels of gold content.
During his visit at the Acari mine, he made a few minor suggestions and proposed the installation of a Knelson gravity concentrator.