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The full list is: secondary schools - Batley Girls High School, Castle Hall Academy, Heckmondwike Grammar School, King James's School, Manor Croft Academy, Moor End Academy, Salendine Nook High School, Shelley College, The Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form and Thornhill Community Academy.
Lorin Johnson, Academy Director Amanda McKerrow, Artistic Advisor Official school of Ballet Pacifica Ethan Stiefel, Artistic Director John Gardner, Artistic Associate 1824 Kaiser Ave.
Military Academy are Christopher Ancheta, Antelope Valley High; Katrina Kamel, Lancaster High; Joseph Perez and Ryan Van Wie, Valencia High; and Jason Robbins, Lighthouse Christian Academy.
Problems at the Academy are acknowledged, Lynn said, but task force members denied that there is a pattern of intentional religious intolerance and bias there.
But instead of bringing national attention to the pervasive lies and unjustified assertions of gun-control proponents, the Academy of Sciences discounted some of its own research, advocated measures opposed by gun owners, vilified gun owners, and misrepresented some of its data.
The aim of the Academy is to lay a foundation for reason to cope with the attacks made upon the Catholic faith from all sides today.
The PCs were offered to families who demonstrated adequate participation within the Saturday Academy program.
The academy has helped the embattled district--now run by a state-appointed board--polish its image in the community while enabling students to polish their computer graphics skills.
Many wonder why we're offering agriculture studies to urban students," says Brian Ingvalson, principal of the Agricultural & Food Sciences Academy.
For each one of the three new Academy programs, the curriculum provides intense educational experiences designed for proficiency.
A collaborative effort by The Daughters of Israel (DOI), Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, participating high schools and community organizations, the Healthcare Academy offers staff-supported, on-the-job experience and mentoring for high school students in sophomore through senior years.
There is a number of excellent real estate schools in New York, but what Muller insists makes the Academy special is its ability to turn continuing education into a pleasant professional experience, rather than a chore.
16] Prelates from the nobility predominated because of the large influx of Ukrainian, Polish, and White Russian graduates of Kiev Academy, many of whom belonged to the Polish shliakhetstvo.
In 1979, the Academy of Canadian Cinema (later to become the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television) was established.
In 1980, consistent with the direction education had taken in the '70s, and fueled by the increasingly urgent need for a qualified work force within the rapidly expanding financial services industry, the New York City Board of Education and Shearson Loeb Rhoades, in cooperation with the American Federation of Teachers, began to discuss development of a prototype program - called the Academy of Finance (AOF) - to prepare high school students for careers in financial services.
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