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orthodoxy of a scholastic variety

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Conscientization demands disalienation of script-writers from the shackles of academicism and the psychology of production and performance from elitism.
At a time when he was constantly coming up against ossified academicism and a failure to understand his works in conservative music circles, the open minds of the artists of the Manes circle was a great stimulus for him.
If the crux of cinematic development lies--as I think it largely does--in the evaluation and re-definition of the nature and role of narrative structure, we may say that the history of academicism in filmmaking and film criticism has been that of the substitution of novelistic forms and values for theatrical ones--and this in a century which saw a flowering of American poetry.
To the critics of McKim, Mead & White, this fastidious refinement of detail might be said to represent all that was wrong with the classical revival: its academicism, elitism, and criminal indifference to modern technology.
10) Yet Shakespeare has always been a stick with which to beat Academicism, contemporary politics, and the theatre itself.
That anthropologists have written so often denouncing FGC, with so little to show for it, even at the level of purely scholarly understanding, is an outcome not just of academicism but of the current impasse within the anthropology of human rights, between cultural relativism and adherence to universal principles of human rights.
You have to wonder, however, if the same will be true at a school like Hyde, where character is understood as a kind of antidote to excessive academicism.
On the thirteenth, the writer Graca Aranha delivered opening remarks in which he denounced academicism, criticized the Brazilian Academy of Arts, and spoke of the need for artistic liberty.
Associated with the School of Paris, Chagall and a number of other figurative artists such as Italian-born Amedeo Modigliani had diverse stylistic approaches to representational subjects, but were united in their rejection of academicism.
Neither addition has entirely removed the sense of amateurism, but perhaps this word need not always be derogatory, if we retain primarily its connotations of enthusiasm and resistance to dry professionalism or academicism.
It was the range of Leavis's attacks on academicism, on Bloomsbury, on metropolitan literary culture, on the commercial press, on advertising, that first took me.
In Japan the role of academicism is undertaken by journalism.
Thus, a "whine" about academicism and practical knowledge had transformed itself into an extended reading of the larger situation, "academic" and "practical," and the place in it of the Party, "the Modern Prince" (and also, in its rightful, lesser position, the place in all that of this "philosopher").
ASTOR PIAZZOLLA Otono Porteno (BMG): Our jazz editor might have been justified in snaffling this (it was recorded at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1984, and the live audience has a decidedly aficionado feel to it), but this rewarding Argentinian composer is one of those who straddles the cross-over fences with no trouble at all, and whose pedigree owes as much to conservatoire academicism as to the nightclubs of Buenos Aires backstreets.
In the battle of styles seeking modernity--from modernized academicism, to academized modernism, to the half-century-old Eiffel Tower--the artifice of light in its most modern expression appeared as a shifting common denominator for all.