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the freedom of teachers and students to express their ideas in school without religious or political or institutional restrictions

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As a constitutional concept, academic freedom is ill-defined and illusive.
They do reveal a great deal about the value that university faculty place on academic freedom," she notes.
Unless these schools have bestowed academic freedom rights to their faculty through contract or charter, they possess the institutional right to circumscribe the freedom of students and faculty members, much like the power that any private corporation would enjoy" (2009).
Roger Bowen, who until recently served as general secretary of the American Association of University Professors, has said in so many words that academics should not have to answer to anyone but themselves: "It should be evident that the sufficient condition for securing the academic freedom of our profession is the profession itself.
An ideal that originated during the Enlightenment period, academic freedom supported the scientific method of the development of hypotheses and the analysis of data in pursuit of the truth.
If NYU continues to accept Abu Dhabi's largesse, it needs to acknowledge the limitations that the Emirates' security and foreign policies impose on academic freedom.
The move sparked an outcry on all sides, with academics attacking the decision as an affront to academic freedom, while the state-run Global Times tabloid said publishers could leave the country if they did not like the "Chinese way".
The best way to understand the double threat that academic freedom faces today - the danger from without and from within - is to step back from these controversies and return to first principles.
Palestine Legal sent a letter to the university chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, on behalf of Paul Hadweh, the student giving the course, warning that the suspension infringed on First Amendment rights and principles of academic freedom.
University autonomy and academic freedom are internationally recognised principles underpinning peaceful democratic development and human endeavour, she said.
In light of this blatant assault on the very core of academic freedom, I would like to offer a hearty mazel tov to the legions of American academic associations rising up to fight for principle and stand in solidarity with their beleaguered Turkish colleagues.
This Article reports and comments on the results of an assessment of the legal protection of the right to academic freedom (an examination of its factual protection to be undertaken at a future point) in EU member states, having examined these countries' constitutions, laws on higher education, and other relevant legislation.
Enrollment levels, academic freedom, financial viability and student success could all be affected if these individuals don't team up to develop and implement an effective strategy.
Based on her PhD research, Le RouxAEs book examines the university presses in South Africa in order to discover intellectual and political trends and find to what extent academic freedom has been shaped or distorted by ideology.
In fact, the AAUP supports not only a partial notion of academic freedom but also refuses to take account of the material conditions that enable the right to and pursuit of that freedom.
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