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In the past, it was commonplace for undecided trainees to join academic departments as junior faculty to see if they were cut out for a life as academic radiologists.
The last part of a three-part career plan was to use his clinical/research reputation to land an administrative/business leadership post, hopefully heading a major academic department by the age of 40, moving to a more senior deanship by the age of 50 and finally, landing either a non-profit or for-profit CEO job as a last leadership position between the ages of 55-60.
One component of the plan is a document titled "Common Proposal" on sponsorship of controversial events drafted by Jenkins and academic department chairs.
Any academic department can list a job for these types of awards, but the jobs must be approved by the Student Employment Office.
Academic department chairs often feel isolated, reluctant to vent to their health care colleagues about their day-to-day stress.
Some have complained that the movement for a new name is coming from the academic department heads.
I've been asked to review this text as I am myself embarking on a career promotion to chairperson of my academic department.
In this volume, Hecht, Higgerson, Gmelch, and Tucker have captured and explained the expanding nature of chairing an academic department that has undergone significant changes during the past two decades.
Personal interaction was limited and may take place in either a library or the academic department.
We welcome everyone interested about how social learning can provide huge benefits to one's enterprise - whether a corporation, association or academic department of any size - to take advantage of this offer.
Also, within the academic department the chair has the most influence over faculty and academic support staff members; however, many institutions fail to recognize the importance of this unique and challenging position.
Under the direction of Stephen Yablon AIA, Principal, and Dawn Thompson, Associate, the firm has just finished offices, classrooms and a lecture hall for an academic department, a dormitory renovation, and a planning and feasibility study for a newly acquired building.
The literature on academic department chairs was silent, with most of the information and attention coming from anecdotal speeches, professional papers, popular journal articles, a couple of text-type books, and a few data-based studies.
University Hospitals of Cleveland and the academic Department of Medicine have established a model for clinical practice using the Pulmonary Division as the prototype.
The VSE mean of the students who enrolled in their preferred academic department, as a first choice, is higher than that of those students whose departmental preference was ten or lower.
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