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an administrator in a college or university

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Interviewees consistently described women academic administrators as disciplined, hardworking, and above board, in contrast to male counterparts.
In the ideal world of the academic administrator what educational institutions need are more university citizens, who are mindful of their institution's place in the larger community and fewer parochial advocates seemingly interested only in the welfare of their departments.
Faculty members and academic administrators need to be professional in order to enlighten students' minds.
Honors directors generally do pretty much what other academic administrators do: make and keep track of budgets; hire, counsel, and review teachers; organize schedules; put out fires; oversee academic facilities (often too small and decrepit); provide oversight of the curriculum; and the like.
He was a key participant in the comparative economic systems field from the 1950s until the 1990s, a contributor to important ideas in additional fields, a prized teacher, an active citizen of the economics profession and his university, the University of New York at Stony Brook, an accomplished academic administrator, a fantastic colleague, a precious friend, a film and theater enthusiast, and so much more.
Jones, a retired lecturer, academic administrator, and author of The Tree of Commonwealth (2000), points out that Rainborowe, a prickly and ambitious character in his own right, was part of the delegation that presented Henry Ireton's Heads of the Proposals Offered by the Army to Charles I as the basis for a proposed constitutional monarchy.
Most handbooks from human resources personnel or even from legal counsel will not adequately prepare an academic administrator for this job.
Most campuses appointed an academic administrator the responsibility for coordinating the YRO conversion with the expectation that summer term would be administered through infrastructure support similar to the other terms.
This will require the academic administrator or lead savant, as a knowledge manager, to examine what knowledge is being taught, how it is being taught, when it is taught, and why it is taught to yield cognitive productivity among the stakeholders (students and faculty) in our new learning-centered academy.
Everything you might want to know, and not want to know, about a specific big-city political campaign and the reporting that went with it in the 1990s is here, as a media academic administrator delves into the 1991 Philadelphia mayor's race.
Marson Johnson, academic administrator in the Department of Criminology at the Lakeland Campus of the University of South Florida, informing me that "classes begin on Monday.
A strong scholar, an intellectual leader, an excellent academic administrator, an innovative thinker with a genuine interest in undergraduate education and a clear understanding of the need to prepare students for a globalized world: she will be an outstanding dean of Stern's undergraduate college.
Craig Speziale, Principal of Ponte Vedra High School and a seasoned academic administrator, will discuss getting students ready for high school and post-high school, including changing academic requirements that may impact current middle school and high school students.
However, if an academic administrator has been appointed based on kakistocratic or kleptocratic (the most cunning and corrupted administrative appeals) deceptive criteria, the end result are corruption, falsification, and fraud in expression of truth (Parhizgar & Parhizgar, 2012).
And there are two Scots - academic administrator Angie Mugadza, 29, from Edinburgh, and the oldest "model", cafe owner Pauline O'Neill, 46, from Glasgow.
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