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Synonyms for abysm

something of immeasurable and vast extent

Synonyms for abysm

a bottomless gulf or pit


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Louisa May Alcott's Little Women), and, without her influence, was not as likely to be joined to the mythic, romantic sweep of the abysms of time that both Lewis and Tolkien loved.
The central figure in the play is of course Prospero, since he belongs to both worlds, having been thrust from Christendom in the "dark backward and abysm of time" (1.
But this is an option that is less appealing on account of the vertigo that most Tudorists feel when they look over their shoulder to what is for the generality of early modernists--including Tudorists--the dark backward and abysm of the fifteenth century.
What seest thou else In the dark backward and abysm of time?
And so today, as we look into that dark and backward abysm of time to conjure up the watchers in Chester and watch them watching the watchers, we cannot ourselves be sure exactly where the path has led, except to the presen t.
In the Dark Backward and Abysm of Time: Early Modern Liturgical English
The smell of 'hill-fort clay' that clings to the recollected scene pushes the reader's consciousness into the dark backward abysm of historical time in a way that recalls a typical manoeuvre of the poems near the beginning of the Wintering Out volume of 1972.
In The Tempest, by contrast, Miranda manages to dredge from "the dark backward and abysm of time" (1.
Composer-conductor Oliver Knussen was conducting BCMG in a recording of Abysm by Danish composer Poul Ruders, which the group commissioned in 2000 through its Sound Investment subscription scheme.
Now Demogorgon really punts: "--If the Abysm / Could vomit forth its secrets," he begins, letting Asia finish the sentence however she wishes, but leaving unaddressed the viability of its premise.
The phrase "in the dark backward" reconnects the contemporary manifestations of racism in the metropolis to the excesses of western imperialism through Shakespeare's The Tempest, where Prospero asks Miranda, "What seest though else/ In the dark backward and abysm of time?
Remarkably similar imagery occurs in Jones's `A Hymn to Surya', written twelve years after Halhed's poem in 1786, where the Vedic Sun-god is made to depict Jones liberating Sanskrit learning from the abysm of the past:
The pure products of that perverse approach would include the self-proposed "unrelenting dryness and stiffness of the moral rigidity" of Abhorrences (a "correct ive" gesture in epigrammatic verse meant to counteract "the abysm of greed .
More Tempest allusions came with the sustained intensity of Poul Ruders' ABYSM, dramatic and atmospheric, and fascinating in its deployment of textures and colours as structural devices.
If the Abysm Could vomit forth its secrets:--but a voice Is wanting, the deep truth is imageless.