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Synonyms for abuse

Synonyms for abuse

to use wrongly and improperly

to take advantage of unfairly

to hurt or injure by maltreatment

to attack with harsh, often insulting language

Synonyms for abuse

change the inherent purpose or function of something

use wrongly or improperly or excessively

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It must have seemed all so hopeless to the poor child; and for all we know she had no mother to whom she could go and abuse him.
The war-songs and dances were more unrestrained, and, from abuse, the plantation blacks had turned to pelting their helpless foes with pieces of wood, handfuls of pebbles, and chunks of coral-rock.
Drugs of Abuse Testing Market: US, Europe, Japan - Test Volume and Sales Forecasts by Country and Market Segment
New findings from a long-term investigation indicate that child abuse leads to a potentially dangerous disruption of the body's stress response in adulthood.
Brain research now indicates that people exposed to stress are more likely to abuse alcohol or other drugs, or to relapse to drug addiction.
The national Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates 5 percent of all business and government agency revenues are lost to employee fraud, waste and abuse each year.
The field of prevention research should develop a scientifically sound knowledge base concerning the efficacy and effectiveness of existing inhalant abuse prevention strategies and policies, as well as develop and test innovative intervention strategies.
Hamilton -- Children who remain in their homes after being abused or neglected by their parents, or are returned to those homes after intervention by social services agencies are at a high risk for further neglect or abuse within three years, says a study by McMaster University Medical Faculty.
Over 12,000 recent mothers from 32 communities in four provinces in China were interviewed to assess the extent of physical and sexual partner abuse 12 months before, during, and up to 11 months after, pregnancy.
This article (a) introduces alcohol abuse as a family illness, (b) describes the possible effects of family alcohol abuse on children, (c) identifies potential indicators of COAs, and (d) offers suggestions that PSCs may implement to support students and their families.
Interestingly, confusion defining a pain management standard of care has attorneys wondering whether claims against physicians for the under-treatment of chronic pain should arise in the new theories of elder abuse statutes or should simply be an extension of the more traditional medical malpractice negligence suits.
Sadly, however, some officers believe that substance use and abuse may offer the best way to cope with their otherwise unbearable feelings.
With more than 25,000 members and 160 parish-based chapters, VOTF emerged out of the debacle in the Boston archdiocese as the largest national lay response to the crisis, advocating support for victims of clergy sexual abuse, a broader governance role for laypeople, and support for "priests of integrity.
CHILD CUSTODY disputes are some of the bloodiest battlefields in the gender wars--battlefields upon which allegations of spousal and child abuse are widely regarded as a nuclear weapon.
1) The study revealed that female Medicaid enrollees aged 10-15 who sought pregnancy care, abortions or contraceptives had more than double the odds of other Medicaid enrollees in the same age-group of being victims of sexual abuse by a caregiver during the five-year study period.