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Synonyms for absurdness

a message whose content is at variance with reason

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Effective corporate leadership anywhere in the world can use such grace notes of subtle humor and feeling to alleviate the not readily perceivable pathos or absurdness of situations, characters, and consequence.
For the contest, eight audio clips have been chosen that span Chapman's career, chosen for their diversity and absurdness, providing a launch point for animators to visualize Graham's world in their own style and technique, using Adobe[R] Creative Suite[R] 6 Production Premium software.
The Edinburgh Festival favourite combines the sheer childlike absurdness of Vic Reeves with the genius of Buster Keaton in New Zealander Sam Wills; The Boy With Tape On His Face.
If there is a degree of evidence that Ashley is not all off-the-wall absurdness but possessing a percentage of frugal planning, then perhaps what is still required is what the likes of Sir Bobby Robson possessed, ie football nous.
A few facts - historical and present - should adequately demonstrate the absurdness of this allegation.