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And now that the providential occurrence was apparently close at hand, it would have been sheer absurdity to think that the supply would be short of the need: as absurd as a faith that believed in half a miracle for want of strength to believe in a whole one.
For they actually presented the absurdity of being less than his hopefulness had decided that they must be.
I am temperate to the verge of absurdity," replied the Tramp.
utterances, the absurdity being attested by his motley costume.
Traders in the avarice, indifference, or imbecility of parents, and the helplessness of children; ignorant, sordid, brutal men, to whom few considerate persons would have entrusted the board and lodging of a horse or a dog; they formed the worthy cornerstone of a structure, which, for absurdity and a magnificent high-minded LAISSEZ-ALLER neglect, has rarely been exceeded in the world.
Poets, of course, may be satisfactorily read in volumes of, selections; but to me, at least, a book of brief extracts from twenty or a hundred prose authors is an absurdity.
Now to say that the honour I here mean, and which was, I thought, all the honour I could be supposed to mean, will uphold, much less dictate an untruth, is to assert an absurdity too shocking to be conceived.
Hence the absurdity of the interview; the gulf between them was economic as well as spiritual.
And in the door of the hardware store the man who had come a thousand miles to fill an appointment, uncertain almost to absurdity, with the friend of his youth, smoked his cigar and waited.
The Veronica hitmaker claims the only reason he wrote the book Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink about a life in showbusiness "is to point out the absurdity of it all, because very little is consequential".
A French official cited Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius as describing the proposed election and Al-Assad's participation as unacceptable, saying "this candidacy, like this election, would be an absurdity and a tragic parody.
In these days of open borders, the wall dividing Germany was an absurdity.
They are hosting the Edinburgh Fringe satirical sketch show, From Here to Absurdity.
Anywhere that you can find a moment of irreverence or absurdity, I'll stick it right in there-sometimes to the dismay of the director," he added.
FOLLOWING its success at the Edinburgh Fringe and Chicago Sketch Festival, the quick-fire satirical sketch show From Here to Absurdity is heading for Overton next week.