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I think that however a thoughtful man may suffer from the defects and absurdities of his company, he cannot without affectation deny to any set of men and women a sensibility to extraordinary merit.
Richard Twining bubbled over with quaint absurdities, and George Road, conscious that he need not exhibit a brilliancy which was almost a by-word, opened his mouth only to put food into it.
Higgins as she was when she defied fashion in her youth in one of the beautiful Rossettian costumes which, when caricatured by people who did not understand, led to the absurdities of popular estheticism in the eighteen-seventies.
You remember all this quite clearly, but how is it that your reason calmly accepted all the manifest absurdities and impossibilities that crowded into your dream?
He would never have contradicted her, and when a woman is not contradicted, she has no motive for obstinacy in her absurdities.
As it would have been hard to count the dozens upon dozens of grotesque figures that were ever ready to commit all sorts of absurdities on the turning of a handle, so it would have been no easy task to mention any human folly, vice, or weakness, that had not its type, immediate or remote, in Caleb Plummer's room.
His overpowering presence and appearance lent such force to the solemnity of his words that for a moment all the crudities and absurdities of the man vanished, and he loomed before us as something majestic and beyond the range of ordinary humanity.
He was himself conscious that, except that whimsical gentleman married to Kitty Shtcherbatskaya, who had a propos de bottes poured out a stream of irrelevant absurdities with such spiteful fury, every nobleman with whom he had made acquaintance had become his adherent.
The truth is the truth; and neither childish absurdities, nor unscrupulous contradictions, can make it otherwise.
lt;span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>Now that protests have brought some of these regimes to attention, their absurdities are revealed.
Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota) consists of forty-three succinct essays focusing on the human heart in all of its absurdities, dilemmas and joys.
Each is an exercise in the distortion of scale, with elements shrunk or magnified without regard to perspectival logic, mimicking the disproportions and absurdities of everyday life (conscious versus unconscious, individual versus corporate, incidental versus epic).
In the quiet there is humor, absurdities, pathos, and the full-range of adolescent angst.
Other essays include The Myth of the Soul, Absurdities of the Bible, and Why I Am An Agnostic.
Luther (who used Jonah to denounce Judaism and also muses on the absurdities of the book) and Calvin pass in review, as do contemporary exegetes, literary theorists, and artists over the ages (there are seventeen black-and-white plates).