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of an abstracting nature or having the power of abstracting

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This idea leads students not to rely on the abstractive concepts; it can also motive the whole students to be interested in learning affair providing the necessary foundations for the process of learning and raising the activity and transferring the knowledge and concepts [10].
The abstractive nature of Dani's aha moment resulted in her use of a metaphor for explanation.
Heinlein appears to misunderstand, overlook, or simply ignore for fictional purposes, Korzybski's observation that both man and animals "think" with "abstractions" on the nonverbal levels and animals do so even to a limited extent on the verbal levels, as shown by the Structural Differential, but that man differs from animals by his ability to go beyond the limited abstractive ability of animals and is able to abstract higher and higher verbal levels without limit and, most importantly, can preserve those "thoughts" in forms "outside the body," in writing or in speaking.
In addition to its capability of highly abstractive description, the NSL also employs a syntax which is easy to use for software engineers, making it possible to design circuits with a smaller amount of description.
Extractive and abstractive methods are briefly compared; resulting summary evaluation problem is addressed.
Heidegger attempts to show its derivative, abstractive, and isolating character.
Since 1993, the three-person Danish art collective Superflex have been encouraging locally driven, globally networked forms of self-organized cultural and economic labor in order to counter the abstractive tendencies of post-Fordist global capitalism.
A static approach to strata sets aside not only questions of genetic origins, but also temporal ongoingness per se, and considers the structure of the experience in a "freeze-frame" mode, typically using a series of abstractive moves to disclose one-sided founding relations, in search of an ultimately self-sufficient level with respect to which the other levels are non-self-sufficient.
Reasons for rejection included capacity constraints and fears that new services could be abstractive from existing services.
Meaning fails to emerge in the war memoir because the authors of war memoirs necessarily develop in ways contrary to our reality: They begin as civilians in a world with meaning; their training is a failed, abstractive attempt to prepare them for another world; and by the time they learn to understand and speak the language of anti-reality, they realize that this language is incomprehensible in the world they return to.
Curriculum knowledge refers to teachers' ability to analyze and transform the abstractive content into a teachable material.
The complex of ideas around contingency also yields a useful reading from the angle of intuitive and abstractive cognition that Scotus has been granted to have brought into full relief in the context of the Middle Ages.
They assert China's SOEs during economy transformation period due to its abstractive ownership of national property and it lacks corporate ownership which causes agency problem, and they claim ownership of national property should be clarified to solve such problem (Ouyang, 2003; Zhang & Han, 2008).
Arguing for "a more advanced level in standardization" therefore has to be based on supportive test results, and the problem of abstractive and simplistic descriptions of stone tools in the research--as pointed out by Gao himself in another paper (Gao 1999: 6)--needs to be solved first.