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an abstract genre of art


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a representation having no reference to concrete objects or specific examples

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The main theoretical tradition for which DCT provides an alternative derives from the abstractionists such as Kant who formulated the essentials of the classic cognitive model.
70) Similarly combating the tendency to hypostatize past and present, Ryn rebukes modern abstractionists for assuming they can "[choose] between modern and premod-ern thought.
VS Gaitonde is considered one of India's foremost abstractionists.
5) Several writers had also noticed continuities between the emerging style and the achievements of earlier modernists such as Mondrian, Malevich and Duchamp; in "Cult of the Direct and the Difficult" (first published in 1966), Lippard pointed out that defenses of concrete self-evidence were hardly new to American art either, as they had been favored by earlier American abstractionists such as Reinhardt, Newman, and Motherwell as early as the late 1940s (Lippard 1971b, 112-114).
It was in advanced artistic circles outside of Paris--in Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands--that the new vision of the pioneer abstractionists met with the most combustible and consequential response.
Considering the $17-$20 admission fee, one also wishes there were more impressionist works - perhaps at the expense of a few of the early abstractionists and German/Austrian expressionists on display.
Amishai-Maisels herself c harges some abstractionists, for example, with avoidance or flight, while crediting others with using abstraction to enable them to cope with the subject at all.
Other abstractionists, such as Alexander Calder and Stuart Davis, introduced a bimorphic, associative, and playful imagery.
One of the photographs here was called The Voidist (all works 2013), and I got the impression that this neologism might be Quinlan's synonym for "photographer": When her photographs are void of recognizable imagery, they point to what this exhibition's press release calls "the photographic substrate" as the essence of the medium, but this characteristically modernist notion (seemingly justified by the work's affinities with the ouvres of such photographic abstractionists as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy or Gyorgy Kepes) is voided in turn by the use of rephotography, which turns the substrate back into an image.
One learns how varied were the inspirations of these pioneering abstractionists and how complex were their personal relationships; what remains unclear is why these different approaches to abstraction emerged almost simultaneously.
And in art, the term 'spirituality' has a specific history, which goes back via the abstractionists to theosophy, which was basically a pseudo-scientific form of Gnosticism, and no less heretical for that.
This subversion of traditional episteme was articulated by Paniker for purely decorative purpose and resulted in his abstraction marking a posture of difference from the post-World War French and American abstractionists.
Both de Kooning and Dove, who became premier abstractionists in their respective generations, were influenced by sound and recorded music.
But they'd hang just as comfortably next to the works of midcareer abstractionists of today, such as Amy Sillman or Charline von Hey
1940), one of the few Andhra abstractionists, whose works negate native experience, was inspired by Ram Kumar in reducing form to its essentials--be it motor parts, automobile scrap, windswept leaves, foliage, plains, sandy stretches, gravel rock, or water reflections.