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Synonyms for abstractionist

a painter of abstract pictures

not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature

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Philip Taaffe -- Christine Streuli -- Timo Nasseri," the space's latest group exhibition, combines recent works by the renowned American abstractionist with new work from two of the artists in Andree Sfeir-Semler's German stable.
Frank Stella, the later American abstractionist who once met Klein, famously said that in his own near-monochromes, Aowhat you see is what you see.
Warhol, never one to retreat from a confrontation, couldn't resist annoying the Abstractionist thugs.
From the migration-based definition of Van Amersfoort, Basch, Glick Schiller and Szanton Blanc, to the economistically constrained submission of Portes, Guarnizo and Landolt, to the abstractionist models of Clifford (Mazzucato 2004:131-2), one thing is constant, and that is the simultaneity of straddling of nations by peoples, materials, ideas and feelings.
Interestingly, Motherwell was unique among most of his colleagues as he started his career as an abstractionist and remained so all of his life.
Such thinking carries forth the abstractionist approach to cognitive processes of Newton, Kant, and Helmholtz that won out over the opposing phenomenological, nontransduction model of Goethe, Purkinje, and Hering.
Ott excavates the "Logs" as artifacts, which showcase Hemingway's ability to function simultaneously as an artist and a scientist, an abstractionist and a realist.
In defense of which I quote the capital-A abstractionist Mark Rothko: "The people who weep before my pictures," he once told an interviewer, "are having the same religious experience I had when I painted them" [May 119].
It was evident that something new was born through the interaction of clay, water and paper--a harmony of pastels, a new abstractionist game with new rules.
At that time he was a painter of geometric abstracts, and the abstractionist tendency has never deserted his work even when it has represented the English countryside.
Westfall said Cheeta's art recently appeared in a magazine alongside fellow abstractionist Jackson Pollack.
Cubistic abstractionist works by Louis Giusti are on view this month.
In particular, I will argue that Buridan's abstractionist account of how we acquire our simple substantial concepts is incompatible with his account of the semantic function of absolute terms subordinated to these concepts.
Eric Voegelin provides a much needed counterweight to the abstractionist intellectual trend that affects even a thinker like Weaver.
Many entries reflected Hood's abstractionist style and use of brilliant colors.