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Synonyms for abstractionism

an abstract genre of art


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a representation having no reference to concrete objects or specific examples

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It is true that the socialist tradition is typically deeply critical of the excessive abstractionism of liberal universalism - but that does not mean that socialism rejects (or could possibly reject) universal principles as such.
1951), also known as the "Tin Man," uses scrap steel and other metals to create sculptures--some small, some monumental--that marvelously combine the aesthetics of Modernist abstractionism with the naivete of folk art.
schools: Classicism, Realism, Romanticism Expressionism and Abstractionism.
The exposition, which included "contemporary trends", as exemplified by colorist paintings of Adam Marczynski, was severely criticized by the other delegates and hosts for its aberration of socialist realism, and turn towards abstractionism, formalism and Occidentalism.
In a similar way, William James has warned against the possibility of "vicious abstractionism," that is, allowing theory to become so far removed from practice as to become irrelevant.
Velussi's paintings are made with a wide chromatic repertoire that gives a musical feature, where abstractionism, realism and poetry mix to create the faultlesness uniting between figuration and abstract form.
Maguire points to some of the tendencies that prevent men and women from developing humanity's full potential: the propensity for violence, the hierarchical instinct, pernicious abstractionism, bottom-line thinking (like saving a country by destroying it), hatred of women ("hatred is anger with tenure").
But modern abstractionism pretty much puts me out in left field without a glove.
He views Puritanism of the seventeenth century as characterized by anti-formalism and he argues that Green used Puritan philosophy to balance or correct the abstractionism of German idealism.
This avant-garde contained the spores of what later would be termed abstractionism, surrealism, and imagism.
No, he has in mind, rather exclusively, the artistic avant-garde, modern sculptors and painters practising abstractionism, cubism, symbolism, conceptualism and primitivism: those who make pop-art installations, indeed those who make any activity into art.
In addition to the color photos of his works, the book incorporates a profile, an essay on his paintings and style describing the combination of European techniques with American abstractionism, an essay connecting the works to architecture, and the illustrations of the works on paper.
As I have pointed out in an earlier paper, (13) Buridan's response to the skeptical challenge in this discussion relies on his acceptance of a version of Aristotelian abstractionism.
The first tends toward the humanistic, experiential pole, while the second moves toward a form of angelism and abstractionism.