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Synonyms for abstractedly

in an absentminded or preoccupied manner

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Called, and chosen, and faithful,"' said Gashford, taking up Lord George's watch which lay upon a chair, and seeming to read the inscription on the seal, abstractedly.
said her mistress, when Eliza had upset the wash-pitcher, knocked down the workstand, and finally was abstractedly offering her mistress a long nightgown in place of the silk dress she had ordered her to bring from the wardrobe.
Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan was flown to prison in a luxurious helicopter with an "adopted daughter" in devoted attendance; he nibbled abstractedly at a piece of chocolate as a police escort carried his bags.
It's important to understand not what tradition means abstractedly, but what tradition is in African thought and how a local understanding will enable African and African-Brazilian people a better understanding of themselves and other people, the African life, reality and the world.
They idle through the day flipping through newspapers, drinking tea and chatting, their gaze wandering abstractedly because they have no purpose.
constitutional issues] abstractedly, to formulate them in terms of sterile legal questions, is bound to result in sterile conclusions unrelated to actualities.
Both the micro and macro mobility cases were abstractedly modeled.
On the evening in question, the white poets performed their roles in the customary manner: gazing abstractedly into space as Alexander spoke, or smiling with liberal sheepishness, and nodding in agreement.
The infinite space Friedrich abstractedly frames and contains frustrates, even threatens, the ability to comprehend, but we can always employ our own framing devices, our eyelids, as instruments of control.
With his colleague Graham standing abstractedly nearby, McCain urged the release of MB's leaders and settling differences over power with the overthrown president.
Again as with Burke's sublime, the subject fears the object abstractedly and from a position of actual safety:
This is true abstractedly, but his was an unnatural love, a madness that I think is worse than hate.
The 'way' construction has been abstractedly represented in Goldberg (1995 [1996]) as [[SUBJ.
Abstractedly, she nodded her head, as if answering the question for herself.