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To the instructor only--Examples include: bipedality, opposable thumbs, abstract thought, art, music and literature, complex brains, long childhoods, committing suicide, and possessing complex interconnections in our brains.
It isn't abstract thought but painstaking bodywork that has brought Brown to her near-Proustian revelation: that all the social dance in America comes from Africa, and therefore, that her own dancing has been African all along.
have clear language in the bill that says we're not punishing mere abstract thought.
Lawrence remains a key literary figure for Huxley throughout, and in an extended essay of 1936 he pays tribute to the former's crusade on behalf of the body, dislike of abstract thought, and general passion for life.
Perhaps three examples from the world of business will make this abstract thought easier to understand.
The concrete present moment is all, and any form of abstract thought is a betrayal of the felt immediacy that is the epistemological imprimatur of what faith represents.
In turn, reading, writing, speaking and listening all enhance proficiency in abstract thought.
Imagination, memory, abstract thought, creativity, a sense of purpose not related to utility: signs that the writer of this story had some sense of what so obviously separates us from the animals.
The keenness of his mental perception may be dulled and his ability to seize and hold an abstract thought may be impaired.
19) This consciousness of myself as indeterminate, as sheer possibility - as the possibility even of voluntary death - is, Hegel explains, nothing but the pure, abstract thought of oneself.
Even potentially quite abstract thought is grounded in the same neurological structures that support perception and action," said Roberta Klatzky, a professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).
As a child grows, his or her brain slowly develops different functions such as the regulation of anxiety or the capacity for abstract thought.
There is], in almost all cases, significant deterioration of memory and of one or more intellectual functions such as language, orientation in time or space, judgment, and abstract thought.
His emotion driven lyrics tell his life stories in addition to covering sociological ideas and abstract thought in a smooth flow.
Contributors prove that abstract thought is available to children, that philosophy is a necessary part of moral education, that we need to get beyond the "deficit conception" of childhood, and that understanding of the tenets of both philosophy and religion key to understanding culture.