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Synonyms for abstain

to hold oneself back

Synonyms for abstain

refrain from voting

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choose not to consume

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He prescribed more physical exercise as far as possible, and as far as possible less mental strain, and above all no worry--in other words, just what was as much out of Alexey Alexandrovitch's power as abstaining from breathing.
It is not to be wondered at that poor Twemlow should decline to inflict a letter on his noble cousin (who has gout in the temper), inasmuch as his noble cousin, who allows him a small annuity on which he lives, takes it out of him, as the phrase goes, in extreme severity; putting him, when he visits at Snigsworthy Park, under a kind of martial law; ordaining that he shall hang his hat on a particular peg, sit on a particular chair, talk on particular subjects to particular people, and perform particular exercises: such as sounding the praises of the Family Varnish (not to say Pictures), and abstaining from the choicest of the Family Wines unless expressly invited to partake.
We'll see about it," was the answer he always gave, carefully abstaining from any sign of compliance till a suitable number of minutes had passed.
Five countries that abstained last year voted for the resolution this year: Bahrain, which is furious at Iran for what the Bahraini regime considers to be Iranian encouragement of the Shia-based uprising on the island; Serbia, which has a very confused voting record (nay in 2008, absent in 2010, abstaining in 2011, and voting aye this year); plus three countries in the Americas (Guatemala, Paraguay and Saint Kitts) that were probably leaned on by Washington.
Despite previous declarations, France announced that instead of abstaining, it would vote in favor of recognizing Palestine as a non-member state.
By abstaining from voting the Members of the Bulgarian Parliament rejected Wednesday the proposal to temporary ban agents and collaborators of the former Communist State Security from holding high-ranking State posts.
BAGHDAD (TAP)- Iraq's foreign minister on Monday insisted his country was not pressured into abstaining from a vote to suspend Syria from the Arab League, saying Baghdad does not take orders from others.
The FA board has chosen to back neither Blatter nor his challenger Mohamed Bin Hammam in the election on June 1, but to register a protest vote by abstaining.
But they chose to register a protest vote by abstaining.
One board member said: "The events of last week have not helped Bin Hammam, it would be very difficult to support Blatter so abstaining looks the most likely course.
One board said: "The events of last week have not helped Bin Hammam, it would be very difficult to support Blatter so abstaining looks the most likely course.
The resolution, imposing a fourth round of sanctions against Iran was approved by a vote of 12-2 with Lebanon abstaining and Brazil and Turkey voting "no.
The abstaining in New York ASSAFIR: Lebanon's refrainment from refusing sanctions on Iran raises embarrassing questions Governmental schism revives political tension FUTURE: Hariri briefs Moubarak on the results of his USA visit and meets Erdogan on Thursday The cabinet is divided so Lebanon abstains from voting AD-DIYAR: "Iran's sanctions" shakes Doha governmental accord Equal voting in the cabinet embarrasses Lebanon towards Washington and Tehran Sleiman votes with the opposition and Jumblatt takes Saudi advice into consideration DAILY STAR: Security Council approves new sanctions against Iran
While Lebanon was advised to do what Turkey does, by voting or abstaining if Ankara does, Lebanese officials maintain that the pressure from Tehran, Damascus, and the Iran-backed Hizbullah on Beirut is immense, Alhomayed added.
Though abstaining will not really harm the Congress, her gesture, she believes will endear the Muslims to her party in the West Bengal assembly elections.