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(physics) the property of a body that determines the fraction of the incident radiation or sound flux absorbed or absorbable by the body

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When a voltage is applied, one of the active metal oxide layers will experience an increase in absorptivity due to intercalation, while the other active metal oxide layer simultaneously experiences an increase in absorptivity due to ion extraction.
5] are the equilibrium concentration and the absorptivity of the insoluble species in the bulk of the solution, respectively.
By varying the ratios of hydrophobic and hydrophilic diols, the hydrophilic properties of the polymers can be varied through a wide range of hydrophilicity, from very low to very high water absorptivity, enhancing their value in different types of applications.
250]) using a GBC UV/VIS 918 spectrophotometer, and application of the molar absorptivity coefficient ([[element of].
where [alpha] = [epsilon]b, and [alpha] is referred to as molar absorptivity (kg/mol) and c--molar concentration (mol/kg).
Effects of shingle absorptivity, radiant barrier emissivity, attic ventilation flowrate, and roof slope on the performance of radiant barriers, International Journal of Energy Research 24:665-78.
First, use of a substituted phenol, the 3,5-dichloro-2-hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid by oxidative coupling with 4-aminophenazone yielded a quinoneimine dye with 4 times the molar absorptivity relative to the colorimetric systems then available.
n] denotes the temperature of the sample area without laser heating, [alpha] is the laser absorptivity, I is the intensity of the laser beam, and [T.
The amount of dye adsorbed on the boehmite samples was calculated using a weight absorptivity constant ([[alpha].
5) Spectral absorptivity is a key factor in determining the best wavelengths for most effective curing.
Its extremely high purity, liquid absorptivity, structure and electrical and thermal conductivity are said to make the difference in a wide range of applications worldwide, according to the literature.
Thus if the above measurement is repeated with a different illumination wavelength, the fluorescence radiances will not be equal since the molar absorptivity will be different.
2] is conceptionally the simplest method for the production of hydroxyl radicals, the exceptionally low molecular absorptivity of [H.