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Synonyms for absorptive

having a capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up

Synonyms for absorptive

having power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something (liquids or energy etc.)


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With additional personnel, Villar said the DPWH aims to improve its absorptive capacity.
Keywords: Innovative capacity, Absorptive capacity, Past performance, Internationalization, Information technology.
However, Drilon disagreed with the justification: "The absorptive capacity of the NHA is being blamed for this refusal by the economic managers to provide sufficient budget for the housing sector.
Asked by reporters to comment on the proposal, Nograles expressed openness to the idea but was skeptical about how effectively the DA would make use of the money considering its poor absorptive capacity.
Any absorptive materials you add should also contribute to the health and aesthetics of your office.
Keywords: Technology Innovation, Social Capital, Absorptive Capacity, Technology Commercialization Performance, Technology-Based SMEs
The silencer insertion loss may vary dependent upon the various combination of the absorptive section arrangement.
The secretory cells are among the absorptive cells and release a secretion of the apocrine type, in which part of the cell is lost along with the secretion (Figure IB).
We also found that these Chinese acquirors had sought to mitigate their weaknesses in Deng's third component of absorptive capacity, applying these advantages in the market, by a adopting a strategy of sequential exploitation that began with their home market, then moved to other emerging markets and finally developed markets.
To understand how capabilities are configured within the firm, the relationship between one type of firm-level dynamic capability, absorptive capacity, and ordinary capabilities is examined.
Through the synergistic action of a reflective front surface treatment on its lens and an absorptive lens material, Energeyes reduces harmful blue light and improves visual performance by eliminating glare from digital screens.
Given that much of the information needed to improve performance resides outside the boundaries of the firm with customers and suppliers, absorptive capacity has emerged as an important concept in supply chain management which captures the accumulation of a firm's information processing activities (Azadegan, 2011; Saenz, Revilla & Knoppen, 2013).
Currently, hotel occupancy rates range from 20% to 40%, although the average occupancy, given the absorptive power in the region, does not exceed 25%, according to Shalaby.