absorbent cotton

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cotton made absorbent by removal of the natural wax

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With an annual overall capacity of 12,000 tons, Ihsan describes itself as the second largest producer and exporter of bleached absorbent cotton in the world.
IHSAN's business has expanded into a distinguished industrial group dealing in cotton waste, seamless knitted gloves, surgical bleached absorbent cotton, bleached cotton yarns, open-end autocoro yarns, mop rope, mops, wipers, stockinet and coarse count ring spun yarns to cater to the diversified needs of customers worldwide.
The Maples line, which includes very absorbent cotton rugs as well as synthetic rugs, divides along trade class lines, Stevens explained.
Tenders are invited for purchase of absorbent cotton wool,isopropyl alcohol 70 percentage solution and disposable non sterile latex examination gloves
The acquisition increases the pharmaceutical business of Carolina Absorbent Cotton by more than 50% annually, while offering increased capabilities for global sourcing by the international market.
Made from thin absorbent cotton towelling, they come in white or black, and four sizes to fit all.
Because of such conditions I see hope in the idea that Cannon and Wal-Mart developed where they bring in stock of a newly developed towel that will not have size or weight as its focus but rather the benefit of quicker drying from more absorbent cotton content.
Contract awarded for Absorbent cotton wool 1 pound nonsterile 100% free cotton impurities.
Since then the group has diversified its portfolio of cotton products by venturing into value added products from cotton waste to surgical bleached absorbent cotton and textile spinning to knitted gloves.
Absorbent cotton 100% pure roll one pound, medical use.