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the property of being absorbent

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Air permeability of knitted fabric for various (a) yarn counts and (b) P/C blend ratios absorbency (a) Yarn counts Air permeability ([cm.
They are designed to offer absorbency rates and capacities tailored to meet specific applications.
3) Additional Information" of Item Number 1 compression of gauze, sterile gauze swabs 2 twisted, Drapes sterile abdominal 3, 4 sterile gauze Other products sterile gauze compression 5, 6 sterile gauze swabs twisted, unsterile 7 Veils Belly , unsterile 8 Other gauze products, non-sterile 9 compression of non-woven textiles, sterile 10 compression with high absorbency, sterile 11 compression of non-woven textiles, sterile 12 compression with high absorbency, unsterile 13 padding bandages under the plaster, cotton 14 Vata cellulose, 100% cellulose 15 Vata cellulose, 100% cellulose, sterile Estimated value is determined by the volume of supplies of consumable medical supplies for four years.
The results indicate that the surface coated alchite fibers are excellent candidate for the production of wound dressings for highly exudating wounds because of their excellent water absorbency and salt solution absorbency.
This has been scaled back from an original proposal for a higher loss absorbency buffer that was on average 12-13 percent of the basic one.
100 percent polyester interlocked wipes and 100 percent polyester Purity wipes with a knit construction for exceptional absorbency and cleanliness.
Measure the absorbency of the orange dye solution (at 490nm) using the spectrophotometer, values must be between 1.
This is our most advanced fabric yet, in terms of its texture, absorbency speed and efficiency," she says.
Absorbency: Absorbency was determined as per AATCC Test Method (79-1986) [9].
The iron absorbency of the soil was measured by extracting using DTPA (0.
Workplace products supplier KIMBERLEY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL has introduced its Wypall X90 cloth which uses Hydroknit fast-absorbing material with staple fibre and it is said to offer more absorbency and softness than other cloths in the Wypall X range.
Absorbency is the core function of all John Lewis towels, their buyer Will Stewart tells me.
NEW YORK -- Technological advancements have driven the evolution of feminine hygiene absorbency products over the years, and as a result, women have benefited from improved comfort and product efficacy.
These paper towels from Bounty, the 'quicker pickerupper', has thick quilts offering fantastic absorbency so Bounty keeps working on spills, splatters, and household chores galore - which means you can move on to more important things.