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(physics) a measure of the extent to which a substance transmits light or other electromagnetic radiation

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5] absorbance exposures and BP among subjects with hypertension, diabetes, or obesity, which are three important determinants of metabolic syndrome.
Absorbance measured in the holder outside and the holder inside the IS detector can be very different.
4 the absorbance data of PC irradiated with [PHI] = 200 kGy at wavelength 450 nm as a function of annealing time at different annealing temperatures.
2ii-b,c of MSO-2-treated cotton in terms of having an absorbance spike at 1722 [cm.
After photometric analysis of all standard pairs of values, photometrical absorbance A-concentrations c are stored into computer memory.
As seen in Figure 9, the absorbance is still linear in the film build range that was measured, but the line does not intercept 100% transmittance at zero film.
The absorbance measurements of the reagent and its mercury (II) complex were also measured with A Perkin-Elmer (Lambda 25, USA) spectrophotometer (190-1100 nm) with 10 mm (path width) quartz cell.
A series of studies has been conducted to observe the stability of various sized nanorods which have a maximum absorbance in the range of 650 nm to 800 nm.
Maple syrup and maple water has been shown to contain polyphenols and exhibit oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) values which compare to commonly eaten fruits and vegetables such as broccoli.
If we plot absorbance or transmittance against frequency or wave number, the result is an infrared spectrum.
Absorbance peaks at 280 nm for total hemolymph protein concentration and 334 nm for hemocyanin concentration were studied, compared with equivalent refractometry readings, and correlated to the vitality of the lobster.