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Synonyms for absolve

Synonyms for absolve

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

to free from an obligation or duty

Synonyms for absolve

grant remission of a sin to


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The attorney for Rehman Malik also filed a plea for absolving him (Rehman Malik) of presence in court during the proceedings, because he had deep concerns for a possible attempt on his life by Taliban elements, who had categorically threatened him of being exterminated.
And going by Clyde's performance against Celtic, that's exactly what I did although I wasn't alone in thinking that Broadwood W Idol last summer was just Graham Roberts absolving himself of the responsibility of building a side himself.
Further, CSUN and FEMA officials have filed sworn affidavits in the litigation absolving DMJM from any such allegations,'' Groswirth said.
Michael Jackson imprisoned a child and his family at his ranch and forced them to make a video absolving him of sex claims after a television documentary linked the pop star to an obsession with young boys, a prosecutor said.
POP superstar Michael Jackson enticed a young boy, then imprisoned him and his family at his Neverland Ranch and forced them to make a video absolving him of moles tation claims, a prosecutor said yesterday.
The Sin Eaters were a group of priests excommunicated for absolving people's sins outside of the sanctity of the church.
20, loosening the environmental clean-up requirements and absolving land owners of responsibility for land damages they haven't caused.