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Synonyms for absolutist

one who advocates absolutism

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pertaining to the principle of totalitarianism


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This means that secularism restricted the authority of the church and democracy limited the absolutist rule and stipulated pluralism in the public life in the West; maybe there was no other choice.
Afghanistan had an absolutist but stable government system, according to the former finance minister, who regretted that the achievements had been forgotten.
This is the main reason why I feel that so much of the absolutist, almost apocalyptic, analysis of Egypt's condition is wrong and demeaning.
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And, whether one is a situationist, subjectivist, absolutist, or exceptionist will also conceivably have an impact on how he or she perceives the ethicality of a particular action.
The "decision venue," be it a commission of experts, a team of bureaucrats, or the Congress, influences the extent to which an issue can be transformed into an absolutist issue, thus complicating its adoption.
Absolutist extremist ideology sees no middle ground between Islam and jahiliya (the time of ignorance before the coming of Islam) and contemporary states in the Muslim world are secular and belong to the realm of jahiliya.
A contemporary UN, however, that included not only a united Europe but powerful states like China, Japan and Russia, not to mention rising economic powers like India and South Korea, could provide sizable influence against absolutist state sovereignty, especially if these nations were to recognize that their own best interests resided in a flexible balance between sovereignty and just international allegiance and world harmony.
James Carroll, another former priest who is a regular Boston Globe columnist, told ABC News that John Paul had "faithfully tried to preserve his medieval, absolutist notion of pope-centered Catholicism with everything going out from the Vatican.
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Former interpretations of the central tondo's cloudborne, hieratic Cosimo-Augustus crowned by Fiorenza as an absolutist "apotheosis" reflect Kurt Forster's "Metaphors of Rule" (MKIF 15 [1971] 85-86, 97-98): in 1561, Fedeli, the Venetian ambassador, asserted Cosimo's unbroken divine rule; the tondo manifests Vasari's record of "Cosimo, trionfante e glorioso" in tandem with Florence's historic past.
As royal chaplains, confessors, advisers, and, above all, educators, the Jesuits became the primary supporters and disseminators of this absolutist monarchy, a conception that fit their own hierarchical style of governance even while it contradicted their transnational character.
Both James and his opponents wanted a modern state with powerful government and military but while James looked to absolutist France, his opponents looked to The Netherlands.
Absolutist historiography has long cast Sully, Richelieu, and Louis XIV as pro-active promoters of centralization who waged successful campaigns to limit dueling amongst the French nobility.
riots Krystal Sim The French stormed the Bastille in 1789, deposed absolutist monarchy and pushed forward democratic process.