absolute viscosity

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a measure of the resistance to flow of a fluid under an applied force

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These rates were determined by calculating the mean rate of absolute viscosity for each temperature to the shearing tensions (or deformation rate) applied to the sample.
It is noted that the absolute viscosity involved in [alpha], as well as the viscosity ratio, becomes an important parameter to determine the pressurized coating process.
2] = shear stress acted by fluid on lower surface of the blank element du = velocity of the blank element relative to blank holder and die surface [mu] = dynamic viscosity or absolute viscosity or Viscosity of fluid [[tau].
The experimental stand used for measuring the rheological parameters of the lubricants is a cone and plate viscometer, which offers absolute viscosity determination with precise shear rate and shear stress information.
Relative and absolute viscosity can be determined and the data units can be changed from SI to CGS as required.
The company's relative viscometer is said to provide fast, accurate and precise analyis of dilute polymer solutions for relative, intrinsic, inherent, specific and absolute viscosity, as well as molecular weight.
High-shear viscosity data from capillary rheometers and low-shear data from dynamic rotational rheometers can be compared because they both measure "true" or absolute viscosity.