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a temperature scale that defines absolute zero as 0 degrees


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Equations transliterated from thermodynamics to statistical data show how the weight of evidence can be assessed on an absolute scale, at least for a simple standard example: whether a coin is balanced fairly for flipping.
The relative impact was greatest for intermittent claudication and heart failure and least for coronary heart disease, which nevertheless on an absolute scale was the chief adverse cardiovascular outcome.
On the absolute scale, which is critical for treatment decisions, the treatment benefits were larger in older individuals," concluded Dr.
None of these are to be measured on any absolute scale, but should for each person reflect the reality of their life and their particular genetic and educational endowments or lack thereof.
No matter what the formulation is or how much the original biobased material has been chemically, thermally, or physically modified, the test method D6866-04 will provide a true measure of the biobased content on an absolute scale.
Decision-makers weigh objectives and alternatives on a relative scale, rather than against an absolute scale.
Also, the weapons that may soon be at Ahmadinejad's disposal are more destructive, on an absolute scale, than anything in Hitler's hands.
The PT 880 accepts absolute scale inputs in addition to either 11uApp or 1 Vpp inputs.
Finally, the scattering can be put on an absolute scale by internal comparison with the nuclear Bragg intensities from the same sample, whereby the saturated value of the magnetic moment can be obtained.