absolute pitch

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the ability to identify the pitch of a tone

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About one out of 10,000 people has absolute pitch, which means they can accurately identify a note by hearing it.
Embedded with all the Absolute Pitch performance tools, the new ASUS M4A785G HTPC motherboard ushers in anew generation in sound delivery.
In other words, Movable Do abandons any sense of absolute pitch to achieve relative pitch.
No, I mean absolute pitch dark, not a speck of light, even when you've had a while for your eyes to become accustomed to it.
86) is not backed by any observations about interrelated musical features--motives and absolute pitch references--that would support his claim.
PERFECT or absolute pitch is the ability to identify one note on the musical scale on its own.
Nelson Freimer, trying to crack the genetic code of perfect pitch, or absolute pitch as it's known.
I'd wangled some car park passes, so we drove through the gate into absolute pitch blackness.
Palestrina's magnificent setting of the Stabat Mater , a severe test for any singers, taxed this highly accomplished group who found maintaining the absolute pitch and subsequent colour a daunting task.
Essential aspects of musical sound, such as the numbers and types of voices and instruments participating in a performance, the application of words to melodies, the absolute pitch level, and the nature of ornamentation added by performers, can be reconstructed only from careful analysis of scattered bits of evidence.
He and his collaborators have published over 200 scientific papers on a variety of topics including pitch perception, musical imagery, absolute pitch, music and emotion, perception of auditory space, and brain plasticity in the blind and the deaf.
Previous research does draw a connection between early musical training and the likelihood of a person developing perfect pitch, which is also referred to as absolute pitch.
What's more, I was able to tailor my dissertation around my career ambitions and research absolute pitch in visually impaired children.