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Synonyms for absent

Synonyms for absent

not present

deficient in a usual or needed amount

so lost in thought as to be unaware of one's surroundings

Synonyms for absent

go away or leave


not being in a specified place



lost in thought

References in classic literature ?
No; I have found when she is absent this long, she is liable not to come back till late.
Lorry feigned to go out when he could extract no answer from him, and, after remaining absent for an hour, returned.
Charles Weston is yet here, and Katherine Emmerson too; so that but for the thoughts of my absent Anna, and perhaps a little uneasiness on the subject of Antonio, I might be perfectly happy.
Edmund was absent at this time, or the evil would have been earlier remedied.
This time the Frenchman was absent from the meal, and the General seemed to be in a more expansive vein.
Vatel laughed like an absent man, and amused himself like a child.
I suppose," he added reflectively, "that there was never anybody so absent as Mr Glass.
Absent--that was what he was: so absent from everything most densely real and near to those about him that it sometimes startled him to find they still imagined he was there.
I am amazingly absent; I believe I am the most absent creature in the world.
I know what to do," he said, in a hurried absent way.