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Synonyms for absentmindedly

in an absentminded or preoccupied manner

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DID Michael Owen absentmindedly walk under a ladder yesterday before arriving at Old Trafford or break a mirror?
She absentmindedly hugged Janet about the shoulders.
Our hero, windswept and interesting lying on his bed absentmindedly playing with his pipe music.
And that one January night 30-odd years ago, a tired nurse in the dimly-lit nursery at the nursing home where she was born had absentmindedly tucked her up in the wrong cot after giving her a night feed.
Apply a vile-tasting nail paint to stop you biting absentmindedly - they're available from most chemists.
A forty-something 15 stone Grant Mitchell lookalike swaggered in, absentmindedly crushing a packet of Marlboro in his muscular paw.
It can be very embarrassing in shops, but it's sweet that he does it so absentmindedly.
This was the player who once absentmindedly pulled his pants down on the field to brush away dirt after a slide.
Or the formal funeral I went to in a rush recently, absentmindedly wearing casual clothes only to find everyone else in black.
Almost absentmindedly (as, it is said, it was built) the British Empire went into liquidation.
Back at the show, I was having a quiet drink when, absentmindedly, I produced a tin of Orfoids and spilled a couple on the table.
It all started when he absentmindedly sported the brown V-neck jumper and highcollared shirt for two consecutive snaps from 1973.
I absentmindedly left it at a bus stop last Thursday.
Rick Fox briefly shed the medical tape wrapped around his dislocated thumb Tuesday, then shrieked as he absentmindedly tugged on his shorts.
Allegedly he was absentmindedly clicking his Zippo and the rhythmic sound finally captured his attention and provided the inspiration for the staccato melody.