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But now he sat limply, his soft black hat pushed forward on to his nose, his big body shrunk inside his loose clothes, staring at his boots or the Chinese junks in the bay, and assenting absently to the secretary's questions as he opened the Saturday mail.
That's an additional reason,' said the Colonel absently.
Mills' hand was toying absently with an empty glass.
She could not complete it, and looked out absently upon Italy in the wet.
He was humming absently to himself, in a low tone: "I be as good as some folks here and there
He nodded absently, drew at his cigarette, and began:
She had furled her parasol and sat absently drawing patterns on the gravel.
He began to look absently at the tombstones with which the room was lined.
said Rogojin, absently, but a little surprised all the same " Still in your gaiters, eh?
Then he sat down absently, looking before him, but seeing nothing.
Not nowadays," said Anne, absently, as the wind blew a scud of snow against the window.
Martin queried absently, for to him there was only one beautiful woman in the world, and she was beside him, her hand upon his arm.
Before I could warn her, she had sprinkled herself absently with half the contents of the bottle.
Felix, absently playing with his watch-chain, started as if his aunt had suddenly awakened him.
He spoke and listened absently as if his mind were still pre-occupied by his studies--except when I referred gratefully to his daughter's kindness to me.