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one that is absent or not in residence

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Under this law, Palestinian refugees and the internally displaced are regarded as present absentees, designations that authorized the confiscation of their land.
He also wanted the list of the other absentee doctors and other medical staff from the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.
They show that in Coventry, 1,679 young people were categorised as persistent absentees.
But Gene Browning, the county's assistant registrar of voters, said thousands of ballots still remained to be counted, including about 9,000 absentees and 5,200 provisionals that people cast when they were not on the roster of voters at the polling places.
A few years ago, California gave voters the option to become permanent absentees, so they'd get their ballots by mail for every election.
As Martin points out, the Massachusetts and Connecticut Assemblies constantly intervened to force absentees to either settle or sell, reserving the right to dispossess those who did neither.
The tracking and managing of absentees, and the need to comply with the MOVE act to timely process FPCA voters, is a time-consuming effort across the election office.
District court judge Boaz Okun reinforced this decision in 2006, but the State appealed later that year, claiming all residents of the Palestinian Territories to be absentees.
If more voters send their absentees back to this office, as opposed to taking them and dropping them off at the polls, it would make the process a little bit faster because we wouldn't have to wait for those from the polling places,'' Buchanan said.
It's still early and the absentees usually don't indicate the rest of the election.
More than 100,000 absentees remained uncounted in Los Angeles County, and a third of total ballots cast had yet to be counted in Ventura County.
Of the 231,560 ballots cast in the county, 73,628 were absentees.
When the first absentees were counted, Fox, Lazar and Gillette were leading.
1 million votes expected to be cast today will be absentees.
Early returns showed Lynch captured the majority of absentees already counted with 104,927 (54.